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Learn more about the team that brought you the geoTribes Trade Area Profiler.

We are RDA Research.

Being customer focused has always been important in Local Area Marketing. However, the impact of online shopping and digital marketing has made the understanding of customer needs the fundamental starting point for effective Local Area Market Planning.

Our vision: to provide best in class web services for professional planners in Marketing, Retail and Media, helping them navigate the difficult terrain of Local Area Marketing in the digital age.

Our unique geoTribes segmentation system provides needs-based profiling of retail trade areas and service networks. It is a convenient framework for integrating Local Area Marketing strategies with Market Research, Media Planning, CRM, Messaging and Value Proposition Creation.

The geoTribes Trade Area Profiler provides sophisticated trade area & retail network profiling to professional planners & end users through an intuitive user interface.

Our Team

The RDA team is an eclectic, multidisciplinary team of market analysts and web developers with backgrounds in Strategy, Market Research, Advertising, Geography, Psychology, Systems Analysis, Design and Web Programming.

Robert Dommett
Technical Director
Jeffrey Lau
Analytics Manager
Robin Tang
Web Services Manager
Kate Salmon
Market Analyst
Sarbodaya Kandel
Web Applications Developer
Product Launch History
RDA Research is founded by Robert Dommett.
Geodemographic scheme geoSmart was created.
Household demand estimation product geoProphet was developed.
geoTribes was first launched.
easyTarget database mining system was developed.
geoTribes is 'taggable' on databases.
geoTribes Online brings easyTarget analytics online.
Trade Area Profiler is online!
Trade Area Profiler now incorporates geoProphet demand estimates.
Our Story

RDA Research was founded in 1989 by Technical Director Robert Dommett. After several years of working in the corporate sector and completing post-graduate study, he fulfilled his desire to create a boutique strategic market research company.

In 1990, in conjunction with the AGSM, we were awarded the 'Towards 2000' strategy project for Shell Australia's retail business. Consulting with Shell for the next seven years, we successfully developed market analysis & network planning systems that created innovative strategies for Shell's future direction.

One of the many projects completed for Shell

It was also at this time that we created our first geodemographic system, geoSmart. This was used by Salmat as their Marketfind product to help their clients improve letterbox targeting.

Early geoSmart logo

Throughout the 1990's, we built up our expertise in market demand modelling, with ever more sophisticated approaches to fusing census & economic microdata.

By the late 1990's our business had expanded in the area of database analytics & data mining, and we integrated the results of these studies with survey research & media planning. Our experience in Local Area Marketing & letterbox targeting was riding on the new wave of geospatial marketing which was sweeping across the business landscape.

By 2005, we transformed our focus onto developing geodemographic schemes, sensing the potential in the market for such products. In particular, we began developing our geoTribes system into a world class product. Inspired by performing thousands of analytics projects using our in-house modelling technology and system architecture, we decided that the internet would be the next step to serve an international market. Our first web application, geoTribes Online, came to life in 2011, providing web-served geodemographics for 5 countries.

geoTribes Online (www.geotribesonline.com)

With the growth of online purchasing, one of the recurring demands from our clients has been for an improved system for Local Area Marketing, one that can be readily used by professional planners and end-users alike. With diminishing margins and rapidly shifting attitudes & behaviour in the market, a customer-led approach to Local Area Marketing became essential. A product that would have an interface with CRM and media, in both the areas of mainstream & digital was needed.

Early version screenshot

As a result, the geoTribes Trade Area Profiler was born. It was designed such that it is easily used by novices to geospatial profiling, yet feature packed enough to fulfil the requirements of experienced planners.

After nearly 25 years of working in the market analysis planning space, RDA Research has evolved into a web-based services provider with leading-edge products and a deep experience curve.

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